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Volunteers Help Ambulance Crews in Wintry Weather

28 February 2018

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust is thanking the dozens of volunteers who have stepped forward to provide vital support during the wintry weather.

In Sheffield, an ambulance became stuck in snow whilst carrying a patient and was helped by Edale Mountain Rescue Team. Earlier in the morning, volunteers were called to assist an ambulance crew when a woman dislocated her knee after slipping on ice.

Elsewhere, Community First Responders (CFRs), Mountain Rescue, the Coastguard and fire and rescue services across the region have provided 4x4 vehicles to respond to incidents when needed.

Paul Stevens, Head of Community Resilience at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: “During the winter period, and particularly when we are experiencing severe weather conditions, ensuring our frontline resources can reach those patients who urgently require clinical intervention is our priority. Some of our patients may be in outlying areas across Yorkshire and this becomes increasingly challenging. By utilising our CFRs, we can provide support to patients until an ambulance arrives on scene.

“We also have a number of CFRs with 4x4 vehicle capability who have made themselves available to support our frontline service and patients within their communities where hard-to-reach locations and difficult terrain have presented us with problems.”

With heavy snowfall, icy conditions and freezing temperatures set to continue, everyone is being urged to keep themselves and others safe when they are out and about this week and to only call 999 for an ambulance in an emergency when it is obvious that someone has a serious or life-threatening illness or injury.

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