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Care Quality Commission Inspection Report (August 2015)

CQC Report

CQC Report


  • Inspection in January 2015
  • Larger CQC team - approximately 75 inspectors with majority of time spent with frontline staff
  • Specialist advisors inspectors/clinical experts
  • Experts by Experience
  • Focus on our five domains – safety, effectiveness, caring, responsiveness, well-led
  • Inspection included Urgent and Emergency Care, Emergency Operations Centre, Patient Transport Service (PTS), Resilience, but not NHS 111
  • Ratings to help compare services and highlight where care is outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate
  • YAS was the first ambulance trust to be rated
    • Some areas of methodology still in pilot phase - Resilience


  • ‘Good' in caring and aspects of effective and responsive
  • One ‘Inadequate' rating - safety domain for Resilience services
  • Overall, rating ‘Requires Improvement', but ‘just a short distance from being ‘Good''
  • Acknowledgement that many areas highlighted are already being actioned
  • Acknowledgement of the pressures on our service
  • Confidence that YAS can implement and deliver improvement plan
  • Many examples of good practice highlighted in the Trust

Next steps:

  • Quality Summit with stakeholders - 18 August 2015; Publication - 21 August
  • Trust's action plan to CQC and NHS Trust Development Authority - 15 September
  • Lots of good practice, but variability of processes and standards
  • Focus on system and process in a number of areas, and on alignment of support services to operations
  • Emphasis on role of all managers and staff in delivering action plan and consistent standards
  • Increased audit in key areas; locality/department reviews to consider detail of the report
  • Re-inspection - possible on specific areas of improvement over coming months. Full re-inspection not likely before June 2016