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Ambulance Quality Indicators

The Ambulance Quality Indicators (AQIs) were introduced in April 2011 for all ambulance services in England and look at the quality of care provided as well as the speed of response to patients.

The AQIs are ambulance specific and are concerned with patient safety and outcomes.  They are designed to be consistent with measures in other parts of the NHS, most notably those from emergency departments.

Constantly monitoring our performance is essential as it is a vital indicator of how well we respond to patients’ needs and how we can maintain and improve our standards of care.

Response times remain important for the most seriously ill patients and all NHS ambulance services must respond to 75% of calls to life-threatening emergencies within 8 minutes and 95% of these calls within 19 minutes.
There are 11 AQIs; seven are operational measures and four are clinical measures.

National AQI Information

Each month we will be publishing the latest data on performance in the form of a dashboard.

This will also show how we are doing in each area compared to other ambulance services across the country.

We will be closely monitoring our figures and will use the information to continue to improve the quality of care and treatment we provide to our patients.

How to use the dashboard

To open the dashboard, please click on the image below.

The document will open as an Excel spreadsheet please click 'Enable Macros' when prompted at the top of the screen to enable you to see all the information.

A map of the UK will then be shown simply click on the Yorkshire area to take a look at our latest data. 

AQI: Apr-Dec 2011