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Business Plans

One-year Operating Plan 2016/17

Operational Plan

Our Vision
Providing world class care for the local communities we serve
Our Mission
Your Ambulance Service, Saving lives, caring for you

Our vision and mission will be delivered through our strategic objectives:

1.Deliver world class health outcomes in urgent and emergency care

2.Ensure continuous service improvement and innovation

3.Develop and retain a highly skilled, engaged and motivated workforce

4.Work with partners to provide system leadership and resilience

5.Provide a safe and caring service which demonstrates an efficient use of resources.

Our plans have been developed through a process of continual engagement with internal and external stakeholder groups including service leads, patient representatives, staff, commissioners and healthcare partners. They provide clear and direct commitments to our Membership, commissioners, regulating authorities, staff, volunteers and most importantly the public we serve.

One-year Operating Plan 2016/17

Integrated Business Plan Summary 2014/15 to 2018/19


The future direction for Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust is detailed in our Integrated Business Plan for 2014 - 2019. This document outlines our ambitions, aspirations and plans for the next five years "to provide an ambulance service for Yorkshire and the Humber which is continually improving patient care, setting high standards of performance, always learning and spending public money wisely".

This plan sets out our priorities to improve the quality of patient care, maintain the responsiveness of our service, achieve cost savings and achieve Foundation Trust (FT) status.

The five-year strategy particularly focuses on saving more lives of patients suffering from major trauma or cardiac arrest and improving outcomes for patients suffering a serious heart attack or stroke.

It also sets out our intention to provide the right care for patients, first time, through improved telephone advice, appropriate referral of patients through clinical pathways, and by providing more care at home, therefore reducing the need to take patients to hospital. It also recognises the need to deliver high quality, safe and effective services which are responsive to both patient and commissioner needs.

In addition, it explains how we will develop our people to support these clinical priorities, utilise technology to access alternatives to hospital treatment and align our fleet, logistics and estates to support our future ways of working.

Integrated Business Plan Summary 2014/15 to 2018/19