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Publication Scheme

The Publication Scheme is in three parts, as follows:

Part One: Introduction
Part Two: The Classes of Information that we hold
Part Three: Inspection and Monitoring Bodies, Index to the Publication Scheme and Useful Resources.

Part One: Introduction

What is a Publication Scheme?

The Publication Scheme is a complete guide to the information routinely published by Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS). It is a description of the information about our Trust which we make publicly available. We will review the Scheme at regular intervals and monitor how it is operating.

It is important to us that this Scheme meets your needs and we have designed it to be a route map so that you can find information about YAS easily. Under Section 19 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, YAS has a legal duty to adopt and maintain a Publication Scheme for information. The purpose of the Act is to promote greater openness by public authorities of which YAS is one. There is a link to the Act in Part Three of this document.

The Publication Scheme will help you to find all the information which YAS publishes. The Freedom of Information Act does not change the rights of patients regarding protection of patient confidentiality in accordance with Article 8 of the Human Rights Convention, the Data Protection Act and common law.

Maintaining the legal right to patient confidentiality continues to be an important commitment of the Trust. To help with this, we have appointed a 'Caldicott Guardian' who is responsible for ensuring the protection of patient confidentiality throughout YAS in accordance with your legal rights.

YAS Caldicott Guardian

To contact the YAS Caldicott Guardian, please write to:

Executive Medical Director
Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust
Springhill 2
Brindley Way
Wakefield 41 Business Park

Information Management

Information falling into the broad classes of information (see Part Two) will be retained in line with the YAS retention and disposal schedules, which comply with Record Management Code of Practice for Health.

Information not required for the business purpose of the Trust is stored by YAS or at a place of deposit approved by the Lord Chancellor for the purpose of holding public records.


Any questions, comments or complaints about this scheme should be emailed to: foi@yas.nhs.uk or submitted to the following postal address:

FOI Team
Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust
Springhill 2
Brindley Way
Wakefield 41 Business Park

You can also write to the above address if you have a complaint about the operation of the Publication Scheme, or how YAS has dealt with your request for information from the Scheme.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 recognises that, as a member of the public, you have the right to know how public services, such as the NHS, are organised and run, how much they cost and how you can make complaints if you need to. You have the right to know which services are being provided, the targets that are being set, the standards of services that are expected and the results achieved. From 1 July 2006. YAS has responded to requests about the information which it holds and is recorded in any form. The rights to request and access this information are subject to some exemptions which the Trust has to take into consideration before deciding what information can be released.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you are also entitled to access your clinical records or any other personal information held about you. To make a request please write to:

Subject Access Requests
Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust
Springhill 2
Brindley Way
Wakefield 41 Business Park
Or email: subjectaccessrequests@yas.nhs.uk

Part Two: Classes of Information

Publications are all free unless otherwise indicated in the Cost of Information. Some information may only be available as a black and white photocopy, the reason for this being that the Trust has exhausted its original stock of information. Our commitment to publish information excludes any information that can legitimately be withheld under the exemptions set out in the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The Scheme comprises of the following classes:

  • Who we are and what we do
  • What we spend and how we spend it
  • What our priorities are and how we are doing
  • How we make decisions
  • Our policies and procedures
  • Lists and registers
  • The services we offer.

We will state how you can obtain the information outlined within each class. This will be either via the website, as a hard copy or as stated within each class. The publications are all free unless otherwise indicated.

The Publication Scheme is available in hard copy. YAS has an Information Governance Working Group that meet regularly to plan how the Trust can best deal with issues arising from the Freedom of Information Act, The Data Protection Act, and Caldicott Guardianship. Information relating to this group can be obtained by emailing  foi@yas.nhs.uk or by writing to:

Information Governance Manager
Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust
Springhill 2
Brindley Way
Wakefield 41 Business Park

Who We are and What We Do

YAS was formed on 1 July 2006, as a result of the merger of the former Tees, East and North Yorkshire Ambulance Service (TENYAS), West Yorkshire Ambulance Service (WYMAS) and South Yorkshire Ambulance Service (SYAS).

YAS serves both urban and rural areas and covers an area of nearly 6,000 square miles. We have over 4,800 staff working across more than 60 locations, serving a population of more than five million. Ambulance resources are deployed from two Emergency Operations Centres in Wakefield and York.

Find out more information about who we are, what we do and the services we provide.

The YAS Chief Executive is Rod Barnes and the Chairman is Kathryn Lavery. The Trust Board is supported by the following committees:

  • Audit Committee
  • Charitable Funds Committee
  • Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee
  • Finance & Investment Committee
  • Quality Committee

A variety of Corporate Governance information is held that includes the following:

  • Register of Interests
  • Standing Orders
  • Standing Financial Instructions
  • Scheme of Delegation.

The NHS and How We Fit

The NHS is a large part of the public sector. In the North of England, YAS provides emergency and healthcare services to patients in Yorkshire and the Humber. For the NHS 111 service, the area served extends to North and North East Lincolnshire and Bassetlaw. Other health partners include Clinical Commissioning Groups that commission us to provide a range of services. Find out more.

YAS provides four primary services:

Our A&E service includes meeting our responsibilities under the Civil Contingencies Act as a Category One responder.  For more information about this work and to access Local Resilience Forum Community Risk Registers is available here

Location and Contact Details

Full details about how to contact different public-facing departments can be found in the contact us section of our website.

Addresses and maps for our headquarters can be found on our locations section of our website.

We have a total of 62 ambulance stations across Yorkshire and the Humber. Please be aware that unsolicited information sent directly to these sites is unlikely to be used or replied to - please contact the relevant department from the contact us section instead.

What We Spend and How We Spend It

The Trust's accounts and funding information is available on request, email: foi@yas.nhs.uk

Annual Statement of Accounts

Our Annual Statement of Accounts can be viewed on the publications section of our website.

Annual Report

You can find our Annual Reports, dating from 2009/10 - 2015/16 on our Publications section of our website. They contain financial summary statements.

Publication of Expenditure over 25,000

As part of the Government's commitment to improve the transparency of how public funds are used, YAS will publish a monthly updated list of all financial transactions greater than 25,000. They can be viewed on our website.

Staff Pay-and-Grading Structures

The NHS Careers website contains information about the pay-and-grading structures for ambulance service staff, managers and the wider healthcare team.

Information about various aspects of the NHS Pension Scheme can be found on the NHS Business Services Authority website.

Our Priorities are and How We are Doing

Targets, Aims and Objectives
The YAS Operating Plan can be found on our publications section on our website. Information about our current performance can be found on our Ambulance Quality Indicators page.

Annual Reports and Quality Accounts

You can view the electronic copies of our latest and past Annual Reports.

The aim of the Quality Accounts is to provide easy access to information about the quality of the service we provide. It defines how we measure quality and enables comparisons between services.

Further information can be found on our Annual Report, Quality Accounts and Financial Summary page on our website.

Strategic Direction - Five Year Business Plan

The YAS Five Year Business Plan can be found on our publications section of our website.

Service User Surveys

We encourage members of the public to tell us about their experience of using our service. There is a questionnaire available on our website. You can also write to us with your compliments, comments, concerns or complaints at the address below:

Patient Relations Helpdesk
Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust
Springhill 2
Brindley Way
Wakefield 41 Business Park

Or email: patientservices@yas.nhs.uk or telephone: 0345 122 0535.

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

CQC - the independent regulator of health and social care services in England - carries out Annual Performance Ratings which aim to provide an overall assessment of the performance of all NHS organisations in England. Two main areas are evaluated - how effectively an organisation manages its finances and the quality of its services.

How We make Decisions

The Trust Board

The Trust Board is legally responsible for the leadership, direction, control and risk management of the Trust. Its main responsibilities include:

  • promoting the success of the Trust by directing and managing the organisation's affairs
  • active leadership of the Trust within a framework of prudent and effective controls which enable risk to be assessed and managed
  • setting the strategic aims of YAS, ensuring that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the organisation to meet its objectives and review management performance
  • setting YAS's values and standards to ensure that its obligations to patients, the local community and the Secretary of State are understood and met.

The Trust Board is made up of the chairman, chief executive, five directors and five non executive directors.

Board Meetings

The YAS Trust Board meets every two months. The public may attend these meetings, and the minutes of the Board meetings are published in the Publications section of the website.

Our Policies and Procedures
A variety of policies and procedures, reviewed annually by our directorates, guide the way in which the Trust operates. They include:

  • Quality
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Training, Education and Development 
  • Clinical
  • Human Resources

The Trust's policies, procedures and guidance documents are available on request, email corp-comms@yas.nhs.uk

News and Media Releases

Recent and past press releases can be viewed on our News and Media section of our website.

The Services We Offer

At YAS we put patients and their needs at the heart of everything we do so that they receive the right response, as quickly as possible, wherever they live.

We are constantly developing new and more effective ways of carrying out our core services, a list of which can be found on Our Services section of our website.


Information for the media, including press releases and campaigns, can be found in the News and Media section on our website.

Patient Experience

Our Patient Relations Helpdesk deals with all patient-related questions and concerns as well as receiving and passing on feedback about our service.

Cost of Information

For the most part, we will charge you only for hard copies or copying onto media eg CD ROM. Some information is available free, but for others there may be a charge. The charges will vary according to how information is made available. Charges are as follows:

Information obtained from the YAS website is free of charge, although any charges for Internet service providers and personal printing costs should be met by the individual. For those without Internet access, a single print-out as on the website would be available by post from the FOI Team at the above address.

However, requests for multiple print-outs, or for archived copies of documents which are no longer accessible or available on the website, may attract a charge for the retrieval, photocopy, postage etc. The charge for electronic copies is 10.00 and the charge for paper copies is 50.00. This is to be paid in advance. We will not provide print-outs of pages from other organisations' websites.

All YAS corporate publications are free of charge eg information about the services we offer to the public, how to use our service etc. These are usually in printed format but may also be available on CD and DVD. To request copies please contact the Corporate Communications department via email: corp-comms@yas.nhs.uk or telephone: 0845 124 1241.

Emails will be free of charge unless stated. These charges will be reviewed regularly.

Copyright & Re-Use of Public Sector Information

The material available through this Publication Scheme is subject to the YAS copyright unless otherwise indicated. Unless expressly indicated on the material to the contrary, it may be reproduced free of charge in any format or medium, provided it is reproduced accurately and not used in a misleading manner. Where any of the copyright items in this Scheme are being re-published or copied to others, you must identify the source of the material and acknowledge the copyright status. Permission to reproduce material does not extend to any material accessed through the Publication Scheme that is the copyright of third parties.

You must obtain authorisation to reproduce such material from the copyright holders concerned. For Crown Copyright see guidance from the National Archives: www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/information-management/our-services/crown-copyright.htm or write to:

The National Archives Kew

Part Three: Inspection and Monitoring Bodies, Index to the Publication Scheme and Useful Resources

The bodies involved in the monitoring and/or inspection of our services are:

Useful Resources