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Please Tell Us What You Think

We would like you to tell us straight away whether you are happy with the service you receive. Your feedback is important because it helps our teams to understand where we can make improvements and where we are providing a good service.

Would you mind answering some questions?

Have you ever dialled 999 to use our services? If so, please tell us what you think by filling in our Service User Experience Survey

Have you used our Patient Transport Service recently? If so please tell us what you think by filling in our Service User Experience Survey

Other ways you can tell us what you think

Comments and Suggestions

Comments and suggestions on how we can improve our services are important to us. A comment can be a remark, observation or criticism about your experience of our service. You can contact our Patient Relations Team to make a comment or suggestion.


If you would like to say thank you for the service you have received, please let us know. You can contact our Patient Relations Team to make a Compliment.


Many issues can be solved by talking to us. Please tell a member of staff as soon as possible if you have a concern. They will listen to what you tell them and try to help.

If you would like to tell someone else, you can contact the Patient Relations Team.


If we have been unable to resolve your concerns straight away or if the issues you have raised are serious and/or complex, we will undertake a formal investigation.

We will make sure we keep you informed throughout the complaint process and will agree with you how long it will take to respond to your complaint.

When you make a complaint, we will need to know what outcome you are looking for as a result of your complaint.

You can contact our Patient Relations Team to make a Complaint.

What if I want to complain on behalf of someone else?

We will always protect our patients’ right to confidentiality. If you are a relative, carer or friend we will ask the patient for their consent to look into your complaint and respond to you. If the patient is unable to give consent, we will discuss with you what we need to do to progress your complaint.

Contact our Patient Relations Team

By post:

Patient Relations Team
Yorkshire Ambulance NHS Trust
Springhill 2
Brindley Way
Wakefield 41 Business Park

Telephone: 0333 1300549
Email: yas.patientrelations@nhs.net   

If you are not satisfied

We will do everything possible to make sure that your complaint or concern is addressed in full, to your complete satisfaction. This may involve a meeting or further investigation and another written response. If, after our best efforts, you are still not completely satisfied with our response, you may contact the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman to request a review of your case.

Contacting Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Millbank Tower

Telephone: 0345 015 4033

NHS Complaints Independent Advocacy Service

Independent Advocacy Services are available to provide support for people making, or thinking of making, a complaint about their NHS care or treatment.  Arrangements are different for each local authority area. Below is a list of the organisations who provide these services in the area in which you live.

  • Bradford - BAMHAG & Choice Advocacy Partnership - 01274 770118
  • Barnsley - Voice Ability - 0300 330 5454
  • Calderdale - Citizens Advice Bureau - 01422 842848
  • Doncaster - Parkwood Healthcare - 01302 378935
  • East Riding - Carers Federation - 0808 802 3000
  • Hull - Carers Federation - 0808 802 3000
  • Kirklees - Citizens Advice Bureau - 01924 868145 - nhscomplaints@kirkleeslc.org.uk
  • Leeds - Advonet - 0113 2440606 - lihca@advonet.org.uk
  • North Yorkshire - Cloverleaf - 0300 012 4212 - www.helpwithnhscomplaintsnorthyorks.org
  • Rotherham - Parkwood Healthcare - 01302 378935
  • Sheffield - VoiceAbility - 0300 330 5454
  • Wakefield - Voiceability - 01924 6880032
  • York - York MIND - 01904 414357

Patient Stories

Patient stories provide a unique opportunity to connect with patients, service users, relatives and carers. Yorkshire Ambulance Service actively listens to real experiences in order to learn from them. We use film, narrative or voice recording to record patient stories. Patient stories are shown at every Public Trust Board and are used regularly in training as a powerful learning tool.

Case Studies

The Trust creates case studies from complaints and concerns to help us better understand a particular topic or theme and these may also be used in training.

Focus Groups

A focus group is an informal collection of people sharing common characteristics. It involves an invited group of participants to share their thoughts, feelings, attitudes and ideas on a certain subject, topic or issue. It produces qualitative data that will need to be anonymised and analysed before reporting. These groups will usually meet on one occasion only.

End–to-End Service Reviews

End-to-end reviews are the review of a full patient journey including the episode of care by our services. The process can be commissioner or Yorkshire Ambulance Service-led and other organisations may contribute information, to enable a full picture of the entire patient journey. The aim of the end-to-end review process is to improve patient care by piecing together the patient journey in a multidisciplinary setting.

Patient Opinion Website

The Patient Opinion website is a patient feedback not-for-profit social enterprise enabling patients to share their experiences of healthcare services . Its aim is to help facilitate dialogue between patient and healthcare service providers and to improve services and staff morale. It has the particular benefit of giving Yorkshire Ambulance Service access to real time patient experience feedback. Yorkshire Ambulance Service uses this resource as another channel to listen and respond to online service-user feedback.

NHS Choices

NHS Choices is the UK's biggest health website. The website helps the public to make choices about their health, from decisions about lifestyle, to finding and using NHS services in England. There are more than 50 directories which can be used to find, choose and compare health services in England. Service users can also rate and comment on any service. Yorkshire Ambulance Service uses this resource as another channel to listen and respond to online service-user feedback.