Board Meeting 26 March 2013

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Public Board Meeting Agenda 26 March 2013
1.Questions from the public
2.Apologies/Declaration of Interests
3.Minutes of the Meeting 29 January 2013
Action Log 29 January 2013
4. Chairman’s Report
5. Quality, Safety & Patient Experience
5.1 Patient Story
5.2 Board Assurance Framework including Corporate Risk Register
Appendix 1 – Corporate Risk Register
Appendix 2 – Board Assurance Framework
Appendix 3 – BAF Risk Movement
Appendix 4 – BAF Assurance
5.3 Service Transformation Programme Board Report
Appendix 1 – Service Transformation Summary Dashboard
5.4 Report of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry
5.5 The NHS Response to the Hillsborough Independent Panel 

5.6 Care Quality Commission Report of the Annual Unannounced Inspection
Appendix 1 – CQC Inspection Report
5.7 Draft Annual Business Plan 2013/14; NHS Trust Development Authority: Planning Guidance
Appendix 1 – Annual Business Plan 2013-14
Appendix 2 – Annex B Development Priorities
Appendix 3 – Annex E Workforce Data Request
Appendix 4 – Annex F Planning Check List
5.8 NHS Staff Survey Results
5.9 For Approval:
a) Business Conduct for Staff – Interests, Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship Policy: Update
b) Register of Interests: Annual Formal Review
6. Strategy, Planning and Policy 
6.1 A&E Contract 2013/2014

6.2 Budget Setting: including Cost Improvement Programme 2013/2014
6.3 Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee: Terms of Reference
6.4 For Approval: Charitable Funds Committee: Terms of Reference
Appendix 1 – Terms of Reference of the Charitable Funds Committee
7.Performance Monitoring
7.1 Chief Executive’s Report 
Integrated Performance Report
7.2 Charitable Funds Committee – Committee Chairman’s Report on progress since the last meeting held on 21 November 2012
7.3 Audit Committee – Committee Chairman’s Report 
Minutes of the meeting held on 21 November 2012 
Chairman’s Report of the last meeting held on 12 February 2013
7.4 Quality Committee – Committee Chairman’s Report 
Minutes of the meeting held on 8 January 2013 
Chairman’s Report of the last meeting held on 5 March 2013
7.5 Finance & Investment Committee – Committee Chairman’s Report
Minutes of the meeting held on 8 January 2013
Chairman’s Report of the last meeting held 5 March 2013 including:
Approval of an amendment to the Terms of Reference
7.6 Board Review and Feedback
Board Vital Guiding Principles
T – timely, accessible communications
R – respect differences; be supportive
U – understand shared purpose, risks 
S – self-awareness; give/receive feedback; time for reflection
T – take responsibility; challenge 
8.Regulatory Reports
9.Date and location of next meeting:
21 May 2013 at Eureka, Discovery Road, Halifax HX1 2NE