Extraordinary Board Meeting 04 June 2013

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Extraordinary Board Meeting 4 June 2013

1. Apologies/Declaration of Interests

2. Minutes of the Meeting held on 21 May 2013 including Matters Arising (not on the agenda) and Action Log: None
a. Public Board Meeting Minutes 21 May 2013
b. Public Board Action Log

3. Quality, Safety & Patient Experience

3.1 Annual Report 2012/13
a. Annual Report and Financial Summary 2012-13
b. Yorkshire Ambulance Service Annual Report 2012-13
c. Financial Performance
d. Remuneration Report

3.2 Annual Accounts & Disclosure Statement - 2012/13
a. Annual Accounts and Disclosure Statements - 2012/13
b. Annual Accounts
c. Appendix - 2012-13 NHS Trust Disclosure Certificates

3.3 Quality Account and Annual Governance Statement: 2012/13
a. 2012-13 Quality Accounts 
b. Content of Quality Accounts 2012-13
c. Quality Accounts 2012-13 - Draft v4
d. Annual Governance Statement
e. Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust Governance Statement

3.4 External Audit Report For Those Charged with Governance
a. External Audit Report For Those Charged with Governance
b. Draft Report on the Financial Statement Audit for the Year ended 31 March 2012

4. Date of the next meeting: 

23 July 2013 at Sneaton Castle, Castle Road, Whitby YO21 3QN