Board Meeting 25 November 2014

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Public Board Meeting Agenda 25 November 2014

1. Questions from the Public

2. Apologies/Declaration of Interests

3. Minutes of the Meeting
Trust Board Meeting held in Public 30 September 2014
Action Log 

4. Chairman's Report

5. Quality, Safety & Patient Experience

5.1 Patient Story

5.2 For Approval: 
NHS Trust Development Authority Compliance with Monitor Licence Requirements for NHS Trusts Return
NHS Trust Development Authority Board Statements
a. Cover Paper
b. Board Statements
c. Compliance with Monitor Licence Requirements for NHS Trusts
d. NHS TDA Accountability Framework - Board Statements
e. NHS TDA Accountability Framework - Monitor Compliance

5.3 For Approval: 
Statement of Compliance for Emergency Preparedness Response and Recovery

5.4 For Assurance: 
Chief Executive's Report and Integrated Performance Report
Cover Paper
Integrated Performance Report - October 2014

5.5 For Discussion:
NHS Five Year Forward View (NHS England, October 2014)
Cover Paper
Appendix 1 - NHS Five-Year Forward View

5.6 For Assurance:
Board Assurance Framework including Corporate Risk Register
Cover Paper
Board Assurance Framework 2014/2015 - Quarter 2 2014
Corporate Risk Report

5.7 For Assurance: 
Statutory Duty of Candour for Health and Adult Social Care Providers

6. Strategy, Planning & Policy

6.1 For Approval:
Review of the Register of Members' Interests
Cover Paper
Declaration of Interests for the Financial Year 2014/2015

6.2 For Approval: 
Updated Terms of Reference:
i. Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee
Cover Paper
ii. Charitable Funds Committee
Cover Paper
Charitable Funds Committee Terms of Reference

7. Performance Monitoring

7.1 Charitable Funds Committee
i. Minutes of the last meeting held on 3 July 2014
ii. Charitable Funds Committee Annual Report 2013/14
Cover Paper
Appendix 1 - Charitable Funds Committee Annual Report 2013/14

7.2 Audit Committee
Minutes of the last meeting held on 3 July 2014

7.3 Quality Committee
Verbal Update from Committee Chairman

7.4 Fiance & Investment Committee 
Verbal Update from Committee Chairman

7.5 Board Review and Feedback

Board Vital Guiding Principles
T - timely, accessible communications
R - respect differences; be supportive 
U - understand shared purpose, risks
S - self-awareness; give/recive feedback; time for reflection
T - Take responsibility; challenge

8. For Information

8.1 YAS Forum:
Notes of the last meeting held on 7 October 2014

9. Regulatory Reports


10. Date of next meeting:

1100, 27 January 2015 [South Yorkshire; location to be confirmed]