Board Meeting 28 March 2017

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Public Board Meeting Agenda 28 March 2017

1. Apologies/Declaration of Interests

2. Minutes of the Meeting:
Trust Board Meeting held in Public - 31 January 2017
Action Log

3. Chairman's Report

4. Quality, Safety & Patient Experience

4.1 Patient Story

4.2 For Assurance: Care Quality Commission - 
Yorkshire Ambulance Service Quality Report, 1 February 2017
Provider Report
Location Report
NHS 111 Report

4.3 For Discussion and Feedback: Consultation on the Code of Fundraising Practice, The Fundraising Regulator, February 2017
Consultation on changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice
Code of Fundraising Practice

4.4 For Assurance: Purpose, Vision And Values Statements - Consultation Update
Cover Paper

4.5 For Assurance: YAS NHS Staff Survey 2017/18 Results
Cover Paper
2016 National NHS Staff Survey

4.6 For Approval: Two Year Operational Plan 2017-18 to 2018-19 and Verbal Update on Contract Negotiations
Cover Paper
Two Year Operational Plan

4.7 For Assurance: Chief Executives' Report and Integrated Performance Report
Cover Paper
Appendix 1 - Developmental Evaluation Design Overview - YAS Frailty & Falls Response Evaluation
Integrate Performance Report - February 2017

4.8 For Assurance: Board Assurance Framework including Corporate Risk Register
Cover Paper
Board Assurance Framework 2016/2017 - March 2017
Corporate Risk Register

4.9 For Assurance: Independent Review of West Yorkshire Urgent Care Service
Cover Paper

4.10 For Assurance: Public Health England Report on the Role of Ambulance Services
Cover Paper

5. Strategy, Planning & Policy

5.1 For Approval: Northern Ambulance Alliance Board Updated Terms of Reference
Cover Paper
Appendix 1 - Northern Ambulance Alliance Board (NAAD) Terms of Reference
Appendix 2 - Northern Ambulance Alliance Board (NAAB) Terms of Reference - Tracked

5.2 For Approval: Compliance With Standing Orders, Reservations and Delegation of Powers, V.2.3, January 2017:
Cover Paper
Terms of Reference - Trust Executive Group

5.3 For Assurance: Review Register of Interests and Hospitality Register 2016/17
Cover Paper
Declaration of Interests for Financial Year 2016-2017
Register of Hospitality

5.4 For Assurance: Review Use of Trust Seal
Cover Paper
Appendix A - Trust Seal Register

6. Performance Monitoring

6.1 Charitable Funds Committee

6.2 Audit Committee

6.3 Quality Committee
Minutes of Meeting held 8 December 2016

6.4 Finance & Investment Committee
Minutes of Meeting held 8 December 2016

6.5 Board Review and Feedback

Board Vital Guiding Principles
 - timely, accessible communications
R - respect differences; be supportive
U - understand shared purpose, risks 
S - self-awareness; give/receive feedback; time for reflection
T - take responsibility; challenge

7. Regulatory Reports

8. For Information

9. Date of next meeting - 30 May 2017