Board Meeting 31 January 2017

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Public Board Meeting Agenda 31 January 2017

1. Apologies/Declaration of Interests

2. Minutes of the Meeting
I. Extraordinary Trust Board Meeting 31 May 2016
II. Trust Board Meeting 27 September 2016
Action Log

3. Chairman's Report

4. Quality, Safety & Patient Experience

4.1 Patient Story

4.2 For Assurance: Care Quality Commission Inspection (Sep-Oct 2016) Update

4.3 For Approval: 
Quality Account Draft Priorities for 2017/18

4.4 For Assurance: 
Chief Executive's Report and Integrated Performance Report
Cover Paper
Integrated Performance Report - December 2016

4.5 For Assurance: Board Assurance Framework including Corporate Risk Register
Cover Paper
Board Assurance Framework 2016/2017 - January 2017
Corporate Risk Register

4.6 For Assurance: Bi-Annual Report: 
Significant Incidents/Lessons Learned

4.7 For Assurance: Mid-Year Review
Operating Plan 2016/17 Mid Year Review 

4.8 For Assurance: 
Quarter 4 Assessment of A&E Delivery Against Trajectory

4.9 For Assurance: Lessons Learned from Impact on Patient Transport Service Renal Patients
Cover Paper
Appendix 1 - PTS Renal Patient Letter July 2016
Appendix 2 - PTS Renal Patient Letter August 2016
PTS Renal Patient Action Log

5. Strategy, Planning & Policy

5.1 For Assurance: Two Year Operational Plan 2017-18 to 2018-19
Cover Paper
Two Year Operational Plan 2017/18 - 2018/19

5.2 For Approval: Standing Orders, Reservation and Delegation of Powers & Standing Financial Instructions, V.2.3, January 2017 including Committee Terms of Reference of: 
Cover Paper
Standing Orders including Scheme of Powers Delegated and Reserved to the Board and Standing Financial Instructions 
Appendix 1 - SOs/SFIs Cross Reference Old to New Versions

I. Audit Committee;
II. Auditor Panel;
III. Finance & Investment Committee;
IV. Quality Committee;
V. Charitable Funds Committee;
VI. Remuneration & Terms of Service Committee

5.3 For Approval: YAS' Charitable Funds Annual Accounts and Trustee Annual Report
Cover Paper
Trustee Annual Report and Accounts
Letter of Representation 
Independent Examiner's Report to the Trustees if the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Charities 

5.4 For Approval: Resilience & Special Operations Half Yearly Report 
Cover Paper

5.5 For Approval: Statement of Compliance for Emergency Preparedness Response and Recovery
Cover Paper

6. Performance Monitoring

6.1 Charitable Funds Committee
Minutes of Meeting 11 October 2016

6.2 Audit Committee
Minutes of Meeting 6 October 2016

6.3 Quality Committee
Minutes of Meeting 15 September 2016

6.4 Finance & Investment Committee
Minutes of Meeting 15 September 2016
Minutes of Meeting 22 November 2016

6.5 Board Review and Feedback

Board Vital Guiding Principles 
T - timely, accessible communications 
R - respect differences; be supportive
U - understand shared purpose, risks
S - self-awareness; give/receive feedback; time for reflection
T - take responsibility; challenge

7. Regulatory Reports

8. For Information

8.1 YAS Forum Report of the meeting held on 11 October 2016

9. Date of next meeting: 
0945. 28 March 2017
Trust HQ, Kirkstall & Fountains, Springhill 2, Brindley Way, Wakefield, WF2 0XQ