Board Meeting 27 March 2018

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Public Board Meeting Agenda - 27 March 2018

1. Opening Business
1.1 Apologies/Declaration of Interests
1.2a Minutes of the Previous Meeting 
1.2b Action Log

2. Strategy Development

3. Quality, Safety & Patient Experience 
3.1 Patient Story 
3.2a For Assurance: Care Quality Commission Action Plan Update
3.2b CQC Improvement Plan Update 
3.3 For Assurance: Bi-Annual Report: Significant Incidents/Lessons Learned
3.4 For Assurance: Quality Committee
3.4a Meeting Minutes - 14 September 2017
3.4b Meeting Minutes - 14 December 2017

4. Workforce 
4.1 For Assurance: Diversity and Inclusion Update
4.2a For Assurance: National Paramedic Re-Banding Update
4.2b Paramedic Funding Letter
4.2c Implementation of New Band 6 Paramedic Profile
4.2d Progress Report - Paramedic Re-Banding  
4.3 For Approval: Fit and Proper Persons Policy

5. Performance and Finance 
5.1 For Discussion: YAS' Updated Operating Plan Priorities 2018/19
5.2 For Assurance: Chief Executive's Report and Integrated Performance Report
5.2a Integrated Performance Report February 2018
5.3 For Assurance: Finance & Investment Committee
5.3a Finance & Investment Committee (F&IC) Minutes - 14 September 2017 
5.3b Extraordinary Finance & Investment Committee (F&IC) Minutes - 16 November 2017
5.3c Finance & Investment Committee (F&IC) Minutes - 14 December 2017
5.4 For Assurance: Audit Committee
5.4a Audit Committee Minutes - 6 November 2017
5.5 For Assurance: Charitable Funds Committee
5.5a Charitable Funds Committee Minutes - 11 August 2018  

6. Risk Management and Internal Control
6.1 For Approval: Trust Secretary's Annual Report 2017/18
6.1a Standing Orders including Scheme of Powers Delegated and Reserved to the Board and Standing Financial Instructions January 2018
6.1b Audit Committee Terms of Reference
6.1c Auditor Panel Terms of Reference
6.1d Charitable Funds Committee Terms of Reference
6.1e Finance and Investment Committee Terms of Reference
6.1f Quality Committee Terms of Reference
6.1g Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference
6.1h YAS Board Members and Non-Voting Directors Declaration of Interests for the Financial Year 2017-18
6.1i YAS Staff Band 8D and Above (Excluding Board Members) Declaration of Interests for the Financial Year 2017-18
6.1j Register of Hospitality
6.1k Summary of Board Members Expenses 
6.1l Register of Sealings
6.2 For Approval: Board/Committee Planner 2018/19
6.2a Approved Trust Board & Committee Dates: 1 April 2018 - 31 March 2019
6.3 For Assurance: Corporate Risk Register and Board Assurance Framework
6.3a Board Assurance Framework - Q4 Cycle
6.3b Corporate Risk Register

7. Closing Business
7.1 Key Points Arising from the Meeting 
7.2 Board Review and Feedback

8. Date of next meeting: 24 May 2018
Pre-Board Presentation: 0900 - 0930
Board of Directors: 0930
Trust HQ, Kirkstall & Fountains, Springhill 1, Brindley Way, Wakefield, WF2 0XQ.