Board Meeting 31 August 2017

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Public Board Meeting Agenda 31 August 2017

1. Apologies/Declaration of Interest

2. Minutes of the Meeting
2a. Draft Minutes Trust Board Meeting in Public 30 May
2b. Action Log

3. Quality, Safety and Patient Experience

3.1. Patient Story

3.2. Responsible Officer Annual Report 2016/17

3.3. Board Assurance Framework 2017/18

3.4a. Chief Executive's Report

3.4b. Integrated Performance Report

3.5. Bi-Annual Report: Significant Incidents/Lessons Learned

4. Strategy, Planning and Policy

4.1a. Memorandum of Understanding - South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Accountable Care System

4.1b. Appendix A South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw MoU final draft circulated to CPB members

4.2a. Introduction of Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Covering Report

4.2b. Draft Diversity and Inclusion strategy

4.3a. Code of Conduct for the Board of Directors

4.3b. Appendix - Board Code of Conduct

4.4a. Board of Directors and Committees Planner 2018/2019

4.4b. Draft Board Committee Planner 2018/2019

4.5a. Updated Terms of Reference of the Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee

4.5b. Terms of Reference of the Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee

4.6a. Patient Transport Service - Embedding the Learning from Feedback Received

4.6b. Appendix A - PTS lessons learned letter 1

4.6c. Appendix B - PTS lessons learned letter 2

4.6d. Appendix C - PTS lessons learned action log

4.7. Northern Ambulance Alliance Board and Carter update - Meeting held on 14 March 17 and 18 July 17

4.8. YAS Forum Minutes of the Final Meeting held on 20 July 2017

5. Performance Monitoring - By Exception

5.1. Charitable Funds Committee - Minutes of the meeting held on 20 April 2017 and Chairman's Verbal Update of the Meeting held on 11 August 2017

5.2a. Annual Audit Committee Report 2016-17

5.2b. Approved Audit Committee Minutes 13 April 2017

5.3. Approved Quality Committee Minutes 9 March 2017

5.4. Minutes of Finance and Investment Committee Meeting 9 March 2017

6. For Information

6.1 YAS Forum: Minutes of the Meeting held on 20 April 2017

7. Date of next meeting : 26 September 2017 (Annual General Meeting)
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