Board Meeting 26 September 2019

Public Board Meeting Agenda - 26 September 2019

1. Opening Business

1.1 Apologies/Declaration of Interests

1.2 Minutes of Previous Meeting 

1.2a Minutes of Meeting 23 May 2019

1.2b Action Log 23 May 2019

2. Strategy Development

2.1 For Approval: Clinical Strategy

2.1a Clinical Strategy Cover Paper

2.1b Clinical Strategy

3. Performance and Finance

3.1 For Assurance: Chief Executive's Report and Integrated Performance Report

3.1a Chief Executive's Report

3.2 For Assurance: Service Transformation Programme Update

3.2a Service Transformation Programme Update Cover Paper

3.2b Service Transformation Dashboard

3.3 For Assurance: Finance & Investment Committee

3.3a Minutes of the Finance & Investment Meeting 14 March 2019

3.3b Minutes of the Finance & Investment Meeting 13 June 2019

3.4 For Assurance: Audit Committee

3.4a Minutes of the Audit Committee Meeting 11 April 2019

3.4b Minutes of the Audit Committee Meeting 23 May 2019

3.4c Audit Committee Annual Report 2018-19

3.5 For Assurance: Charitable Funds Committee

3.5a Minutes of the Charitable Funds Committee Meeting 11 April 2019

3.6 For Assurance: Northern Ambulance Alliance Update

4. Quality, Safety & Patient Experience

4.1 For Approval: Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery Compliance

4.2 For Assurance: Bi-Annual Report: Significant Incidents/Lessons Learned Six-Monthly Review

4.3 For Assurance: Care Quality Commission Update

4.4 For Assurance: Quality Committee

4.4a Minutes of the Quality Committee Meeting 14 March 2019

4.4b Minutes of the Quality Committee Meeting 13 June 2019

5. Workforce

6. Risk Management and Internal Control

6.1 For Approval: Responsible Medical Officer Annual Report 2018/19

6.2 For Assurance: Corporate Risk Register and Board Assurance Framework Report

6.2a Risk Management Report with Board Assurance Framework (BAF) 2019/20 and Corporate Risk Register (CRR) and Risk Function Updates - Cover Paper

6.2b Board Assurance Framework 2019-20

6.2c Corporate Risk Register

7. Closing Business

7.1 Key Points Arising from the Meeting, Board Review and Feedback

8. Date of next meeting 

28 November 2019

Pre-Board Presentation: 0900 - 0930

Board of Directors: 0930

Trust HQ, Kirkstall & Fountains, Springhill 1, Brindley Way, Wakefield, WF2 0XQ