Board Meeting 30 July 2020

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Public Board Meeting Agenda 30 July 2020

1.0 Opening Business

1.1 Apologies and Declaration of Interests

1.2a Minutes of the Previous Meeting 040620

1.2b Public Board Meeting Action Log


2.0 Strategy Development

2.1 Digital Strategy

2.1a YAS Digital Strategy Cover Paper

2.1b YAS Digital Strategy final

2.1c Digital Strategy presentation September 2019


3.0 Quality, Safety & Patient Experience

3.1 Patient’s Story Griet’s Story

3.2 Care Quality Commission Action Plan Update

3.2a CQC Continuous QI Plan

3.2b Appendix 1 CQC Continuous QI Plan - APP1 CQC CQIP June 2020

3.2c Appendix 2 CQC Continuous QI Plan - APP2 C0451-IPC-Board-Assurance-Framework YAS v2

3.3 Report from the Chair of the Quality Committee Meeting held 110620

3.4 Approved Quality Committee Minutes


4.0 Workforce

4.1 Diversity and Inclusion and COVID-19


5.0 Performance and Finance

5.1a Chief Executive Report

5.1b - Integrated Performance Report

5.2 Business Plan 2019-20 End of Year Review

5.3 PTS Fleet Replacement Plan Final


6.0 Risk Management and Internal Control

6.1 Corporate Risk Register and Board Assurance Framework

6.1b Appendix 2 - Risk Report - APP2 CRR Extract July 2020

6.2 Resilience and Special Operations Six-Monthly Report


7 Closing Business