Board Meeting 27 April 2021


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Public Board Meeting Agenda 27 April 2021

1.0 Opening Business

1.1 Apologies and Declaration of Interests

1.2 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

1.2a Action log

1.3 Record of Urgent Decisions (Smartphones)

1.3 Record of Urgent Decisions (Stryker Stretchers)


2.0 Strategic Development and Business Planning



3.0 Quality Safety and Patient Experience

3.1 Patient Stories

3.2 Violence Reduction Standard

3.2a Violence Reduction Standard

3.2b Violence Reduction Standard

3.4 Freedom to Speak Up

3.5 Significant Events & Lessons Learned


4.0 Workforce

4.1 Fit and Proper Person Policy

4.1a Fit and Proper Person Policy


5.0 Performance and Finance

5.1 Chief Executive's Report and Integrated Performance Report

5.2 Service Transformation Report

5.2a Service Transformation Report

5.3 Update on Financial Performance and Planning

5.4 2021-22 Capital Plan


6.0 Risk Management and Internal Control

6.1 Risk Management Report

6.1a Corporate Risk Register

6.1b Board Assurance Framework

6.2 EPRR and Special Operations Six Monthly Report


7.0 Items for Information and Assurance (by Exception Only)

7.1 Report from the Chair of the Quality Commmittee

7.2 Report from Chair of Audit Committee


8.0 For Information Only

8.1 NHS Provider Selection Regime Consultation Response FINAL

8.2 Future Working Arrangements (EOC Training Centre)


9.0 Closing Business

9.1 Review of the meeting and Key Points Arising


10.0 Meeting as the YAS Charity Trustee

10.1 Report from the Chair of the Charitable Funds Committee

10.2 YAS Charity: Quarterly Financial Update

10.3 YAS Charity: Fund Designation 2021-22

10.4 YAS CFR Fundraising Update